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The industrial painting category covers a broad range of markets and services including interior and exterior painting in steel structures, tanks, machinery and more. It is essential that you choose the right industrial painting contractor who can handle your specific needs and safety requirements. DC & Associates Painting has over 20 years of painting experience with hundreds of satisfied customers in every industry; so you can be sure that you are working with a professional painting contractor with a history of high quality work.

Durability and Exposed Steel

Steel structural components exposed to exterior moisture and contaminants, such as salt, need protection to prevent corrosion.

Steel is mainly iron with small amounts of other chemical elements known as alloys. Adding alloys to the iron changes its physical properties, as does shaping and processing it. The pure iron in the steel is not stable chemical and tends to form compounds of iron, oxygen and water-rust. This process referred to as corrosion, occurs when there is moisture, oxygen and an electrolyte present on the surface of the steel. Generally, the longer moisture is in contact with steel, the more corrosion will occur.

Paint Coatings

High-performance coatings can be used to control corrosion by isolating the steel from the environment. New paint coatings can offer an effective barrier, but this effect decreases with time, UV exposure and physical wear and tear. Eventually, the paint film ages, and breakdown and corrosion begins on the steel surface. Rust has a much greater volume than steel, and as it expands beneath the paint film it causes blistering, cracking and flaking allowing the entry of moisture, which causes the process to accelerate.

The length of time a coating provides protection is influenced by:

  • The type of coating used
  • Its adhesion to the steel, which is dependent on the steel surface begin clean
  • Adhesion between successive coats in the system
  • The thickness of the coating
  • The applied paint system’s and the ability to with hand the environment


Steel Structure



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